The Perfection in the Oscar Winning Films

These days you cannot help but talk about Oscar, starring a 90th edition (here all the winners) full of films that have left their mark in the last twelve months. Which, of course, had already happened in previous years with titles that have now become cult?

So what better time to take a little trip in time, going back a few years? The goal: to remember some of the best winners of the precious statuette (or even more than one), which the female public cannot help but see and / or review. As you watch movies online on 123movies now you will be getting the perfect options for the same.

La La Land (2017)

Damien Chiseller’s film with Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling had twelve nominations, winning six (including one for the best director and best actress). It is a musical that tells the love story between two artists, the actress Mia and the musician Sebastian. The two meet by chance, fall in love and support each other in their professional vicissitudes.

At one point he knows the success of being in a band, but this often takes him away from home. Mia does not live well the situation, but it will be him to convince her to try an audition destined to change her life.

Room (2016)

Instead, Lenny Abrahamson is a psychological thriller that, out of four nominations, won only one Oscar thanks to the best actress Brie Larson. The film is based on the eponymous novel by Emma Donoghue, inspired by a true story. What is told is the claustrophobic everyday life of Joy and his son Jack, forced to live locked up in a room.

Their jailer, who they call Old Nick, had kidnapped the young girl seven years earlier while going to school, had abused her repeatedly and thus had become pregnant. Jack grows, starts asking questions about the world outside and Joy has to find not only answers, but also a way to get him out of there.

Her (2014)

Instead, he won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay, the film written and directed by Spike Bonze, with Joaquin Phoenix, who speaks of love in the days of artificial intelligence. The protagonist is Theodore, a man recovering from a bad love disappointment that earns a living writing personal letters for others.

One day he buys a new generation computer system, which has a female voice called Samantha. The latter is particularly sensitive and brilliant, so as to create a real relationship with Theodore that will turn into something deep and obsessive. Get a fine glimpse of all these films in 123 movies now as you get the best options for the same.